5 reasons you should choose books over movies

Well, “books vs. movies” has always been a debate.

I often get asked, “Which one did you prefer, the book or the movie?”

My answer to that has always been “The Book.”

Here are 5 reasons why I love books over movies and why you should choose the former over the latter.

  1. Book is the universe, Movie whereas is just a galaxy.

Obviously, turning a 600 paged book into a 60 min movie isn’t a justice to the story. bokkkkkkkMovies often have no background and no character’s perspective.

While reading a book, you can live in the character’s mind. You’ll know what they are thinking and feeling. Where as in the movies, you’ll see what is shown to you!

I had this honor of watching the most adored series, Game of Thrones (The topic of gossip, I would like to name it) But for the first few episodes, or first many episodes, I was partially bank. I didn’t know who was who, who was what and who did what. But thanks to the eBooks that saved me.


  1. Movies are disappointments. (In most of the cases)

Well, when you read a book, you have created your own world, your own characters and in many cases the movies do not do justice to your imagination.boook.jpeg

In the harry potter movie series, I often find my favorite dialogue from the book missing or modified or some favorite event missing. (No offence To HP movie series, I love them next to the books)

And when I was watching the movie pride and prejudice, I was like…. Wait, what?? This isn’t what happens in the book.

On the other hand, when movies meet your imagination, it is also a disappointment. No longer than 3 years ago, I read ‘Two states’. And then the movie came and I eagerly watched that too. But guess what? I was muttering the dialogs along with the actors. Everything was same!!! And I successfully wasted 3 hours.



  1. That hunger to turn the pages, is REAL!!!!


I have often seen myself in situations where my heart is pounding, my mouth is dry but I don’t want to drink, it’s time for bed but I want no sleep, because I am so desperate to know what happens next. That eagerness and hunger to turn the pages is something that can’t be compared even with the thriller movies.

You must read some of Sidney Sheldon’s, Stephen King’s, Dan Brown’s, and Paula Hawkins’. They are my by far best thriller writers.

Also, do you know how good the books smell? 😉

book smell


  1. Books surprise you

Well, how detailed is the 10 lined summary from the back of the book compared to 3 book supminutes trailer?

Not much, yeah? Just predict the unpredicted when you read books.

Also, the soundtrack is whatever you want it to be and you aren’t being constantly forewarned of any actual tension by a spike in the music so you can genuinely be surprised by the next plot twist.



Last but not the least,
  1. You can take the books anywhere, everywhere.


Books, they are your forever partners. Books are so portable.

I remember when in school days, in almost every class, we used to hide our Princess Diaries or Nicolas Sparks’ book under the table and escape the classes. Lol we would rather be reading Mia hating Algebra, than learning algebra in class.

How would have the teachers reacted if instead we were watching the movies in class? Haha

Here is a free advice for you, cover your novels like a regular textbook and Bingo no one will suspect!


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Rizasa ❤



We Are Going To New York


“We are going to New York.” I heard my sister yelling.

First of all, I thought it was my dream and partially neglected it but soon after I heard loud strides on the front corridor towards my room. I heard the door being unlocked. I still pretended to be asleep. From the corner of my eyes, I saw my mommy.

She came nearer to me with the jolliest smile ever. I still pretended to be asleep but she gestured as if she didn’t care.

“Honey! We are going to New York.” Her enthusiastic voice was enough to wake up a dead person, let alone me who was pretending to be asleep.

I blinked my eyes in surprise. I just couldn’t believe the reality. I wanted to speak something but nothing came out from my lips.

The very first thing that stroked my mind was to hug my mommy tightly and so I did.

I closed my eyes, enlightened a large smile on my face and spoke softly, “Daddy I am coming.”

From the very next day, our packing started. That was going to be my first travel on an airplane. I was on cloud nine dreaming all about life in New York. Would it be like they show on TV? How would be the sea and the beach?

More than that, I was excited to get boarded. I was excited to experience the hustle of the airport and I was excited to get my passport stamped.

And finally the great day arrived; we were seated, buckled up on the seats of the plane.

“The plane will be taking off in few minutes. Please buckle up your seats. We hope you’ll have a pleasant flight. Thank you!” We heard the announcement.

My body was filled with many unencountered emotions.

I crossed my fingers. My sister whispered with a warm breadth on my ear.  “Good luck darling. ”

The plane took off. My heart thumped a little for a while.” I am coming New York.”

I could see the full moon shining brightly, closer than ever.
My mommy and sister were asleep but I couldn’t sleep because the brand new experience of my life didn’t let me to close my eyes.

And then something happened. The plane jerked with a loud noise. I saw my water pot trembling. And soon after, the plane jerked for the second time.

My heart beat faster. My hand began to shake and I looked at my sister.

She was lying motionless starring at me with watery eyes and open mouth.

“Dear passengers, we have encountered an engine problem. We are trying to fix this. We request you to take your seat and buckle up the belts. Thank you ”

Everyone panicked hearing the announcement. Just after few moments, the airplane jerked for the third time. This time louder and I closed my eyes.

I felt as if I have been dead for more than thousand years. I tried to open my eyes but it seemed impossible. However, I collected guts to stand up.   I sensed blood on my forehead. I looked around and what I saw was a misery. I was surrounded by corpse all around and parts of the plane burning here and there.

Just beside me, I saw my sister’s handbag. I approached it hoping to find her somewhere. She was there; beside her handbag, pale with deep wounds on her forehead and her stomach.

I could bear this no more. My head spun as if someone had hit hard and I fell to the ground.


I heard someone yelling again from a far distance, “We are going to New York.” I pressed my hands against my ears but still the voice echoed inside my head. “We are going to new York.”

When my eyes opened, my head felt heavy. A chill ran through my spine. I shrugged a little and got up from my cozy bed of my room.

I was glad the accident was just a dream or a nightmare, I must say.

“We are going to New York” I heard it again and this time I knew this wasn’t a dream.

I managed to get up and go to the kitchen.

“Who is going to new York?” I asked in a sleepy voice.

“Nobody” answered my mommy, without any interest and enthusiasm.

My sister rolled her eyes and looked at me, “Actually there is a new movie of Leo ‘We are going to New York’ and my friends say it’s too good. I was requesting mom to take us to the cinema hall. But she doesn’t want to.”


Rizasa ❤