Don’t Bend Until You Break

Have you ever stared at yourself on the mirror and contemplated? Or wanted to change anything or everything about your body? Ever wanted longer eye lashes, thigh gaps, lighter skin tone, no pimples and acnes? Ever?

I have!

Everyone wants to be perfect. Why not? Everyone has the right to want to be ‘that’ flawless cover-girl or look like ‘that’ model of Victoria’s secret. But have you ever gone beyond the pictures of those perfect divas?

Models go through hours of makeup before a photo shoot and their pictures are altered afterwards on the computers to make them look ‘even more perfect’. It takes hair dressers, stylists, lighting people, dress makers, make-up artists, assistant cameraman, wind machines and much more to achieve that ‘oh, so natural’ look.

And you are there, all by yourself, wondering why you can’t look like that.

No! I am not blaming you, not at all. But the society where we grew up, the medias and the TVs have set a permanent beauty standard; I mean the way we judge each other’s beauty and the image myth we have created in our minds.

Global research show that low body confidence holds young people back from reaching their full potential with over 60% of girls avoiding activities they love because they feel bad about their look. Despite an amazing diversity in looks and culture around the world, many girls and boys feel unsure about their bodies and lack body confidence. Only 11% of girls would use the word ‘beautiful’ to describe them. Are you one of them?

Just imagine waking up with a uni-brow or black teeth. EW!  Right? But do you know, in Tajikistan, women feel very lucky if their eyebrows grow across their forehead. If they don’t, they use herbal mixture to draw a line and join their eyebrows together. And in Japan until 1900s, married women and sometimes men, dyed their teeth because pitch black things were seen as beautiful.

So, what is the beauty standard?

Let us just forget the cover girls, the fashion divas and appreciate who we truly are beneath those artificial makeups and the pretentious personality we have created for ourselves.

Consider complementing the people around you rather than suggesting them to lose weight or grow lashes. Consider saying yourself ‘beautiful’ every time you look into the mirror. You will see the difference.

Imagine a world where no one is worried about the way they look because everyone is beautiful in their own ways. I believe it’s never too late. Together we can change the world, change the perceptions of people to judge on the basis of exterior looks, because what truly matters is how beautiful you are from the inside, from within.



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