GCED: A must for 21st Century


Global citizenship education (GCED) is the education which is inclusive, participatory and equitable quality education and which endeavors to equip learners with the knowledge of peace, justice, principles of human rights, civil rights, cultural diversity and environment.

At this 21st century when ongoing global challenges are impacting everyone as every local level activity is interrelated to the global world and the solutions require thinking and acting beyond local level. It has become a must for young people to go beyond the four walls of the classroom and not limit ourselves with the textbooks and explore GCED more significantly and considerably.

Hence, it is no longer enough for education to produce people who can read, write and count. Young people need education which is relevant to their world, which teaches them skills to alter and adopt the global community and which provides key to prosperous, peaceful, tolerant and inclusive world.

Global Citizenship Education edifies people to live together in peace with due respect to all; regardless their sex, color, caste, nationality or ethnicity. It advocates the essence of belonging to common humanity. GCED makes people realize their rights and make them understand the global issues and universal values and motivates plus engages them to resolve the challenges.

GCED aims to empower learners to assume active roles to face and resolve global challenges and to become proactive contributors to a more peaceful, tolerant, and inclusive and secure world as it addresses the global issues of social, political, exclusion and discrimination for more equal mechanism for and peaceful world.

Development can only be fostered when students have the knowledge about global issues and how it impacts their community. They must be taught to respect each other’s opinion and diversity which is only possible through Global citizenship education.

GCED could be used to combat violence, intolerance, exclusion and discrimination to build a bridge between the underprivileged and the privileged. GCED is a powerful weapon against extremism and radicalism.

Many education and training system do not provide young people with the basic skills needed to escape poverty and unemployment, even when they continue to receive formal education. GCED seeks to fill this gap by providing learning and skills development opportunities which are relevant to the context.

Youths are filled with tremendous and towering ambitions and ideas but they are not being fully utilized due to wrong education practices. Young people need structured mechanism for participation through decision making, especially in area which has a clear impact on young people.

GCED should be introduced to youths because they are the one who are going to develop into tomorrow’s active and engaged adults who continue to work for the development and pass on their valuable knowledge and experience to upcoming generation.


Rizasa ❤


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