When Fluera heard someone calling out her real name, a hope engraved her life  her; a hope to cross the barbed wire fence. A hope to finally be free and live. The last chapter of #TBWF ❤ 

There was a tall man probably on his twenties; he had a tanned skin, a freshly shaved cheek with a neat moustache. His white shirt was tightly tucked up on his black pants which matched his tie and the leather belt. He took off his shades.

I knew those eyes. I had seen them. They were something different. There was something unusual on his eyes; a great uniqueness. It seemed as if I had loved those eyes before.

“Flu-eay-ra” he pronounced my name again, this time with a little hesitation.

“Do I know him? I don’t think so.”

I stood up, unable to recognize who he was.

“How do you know me? Who are you?” I asked.

The man smiled and his eyes lightened.

“Fluera, oh my god! You don’t recognize me? I am Rajen, remember?”

Rajen? I had almost forgotten about him. The offspring of my curse. He had grown so tall and handsome in these years. But why was he here? However, his personality didn’t seem to match the place where he was standing.

“Oh my god Rajen, You have grown so big, my boy. How come you are here?” I asked.

“Leave my things. How come you are here?”’

“That’s a long story son.”’

We sat by the window. The sun was about to set between the hills and the last rays of the day was adding essence in the environment.

I narrated everything to Rajen; every detail that I could remember; about how love and life played a cruel joke on me. He listened with a deep concentration, never speaking a word to interrupt me but occasionally nodding when I looked at him.

“I can’t imagine my parents doing this to you Fluera. I am so ashamed to call them my parents…I think god knew everything and he gave them punishment. I am glad that from now I won’t regret their death.” His looked down.

“Death? Whose death?” I asked.

“My parents. While they were returning to Nepal probably after leaving you here, the People’s movement II started with bombs, firings and series of curfews.” He continued with waves of tears rolling down his cheek and into the thin fabric of his white shirt, “They never returned; only the dead bodies did.” He fell down to my laps.

“Ohh… I am sorry.” I knew something was wrong on my statement. I corrected it within me “No, I am not” and it wasn’t a lie. I thanked god. How strange!

“You didn’t tell me, why you are here?” I asked him.

A slight instinct told me that he was here to rescue me; god sent him here to take me to the other side of the barbed wire fence. I knew this day would come but I hadn’t imagined it in this way.

And now everything seemed possible; even the barbed wire fence seemed possible to deracinate. The rays of hopes seemed to mix with the last rays of the sun, dipping down to the horizon. My heart pounded. Beats of sweats seemed to support my nervousness. I wanted to hear those magic words that he would utter. I couldn’t believe it, I really couldn’t. Is it a dream? Is it a hallucination? Maybe it is. I hadn’t had enough for months now. But the hope seemed to outweigh every possible reason I found. Every one of them.

He looked at me. I looked back like a child waiting for a candy.

His smile turned to a grin. And it turned evil. He had the same crooked smile, an evil smile, Ravin and Geeta gave to me, the last time I saw them.

He came closer to me and whispered “Just for the reason everyone else does. Get into the bed you filthy whore!”

The last bit of the soul in me – was gone.




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