The Barbed-wire Fence (chapter 3)

And there was Ravin!

I could not help but notice his sea-blue eyes, with love confined in it like a pearl in a shell.
My mind was the sky after a thunderous rain, empty yet content. I was happy, surprised and moreover content. The sleepless nights, the visits to the temples wishing that my love would come back to me had come true. Was it a dream or was it a reality – I couldn’t distinguish the difference. I went towards him, hugged him like I used to and kissed him with all the passion in me. It felt heavenly, to have my other half back in my arms. It felt like my love was never away from me.

“Ravin…Ravin.. Geeta,” I couldn’t complete the sentence. I pointed at Geeta, gesturing Ravin about what she had done.

I sobbed in his arms. But it seemed like he didn’t care. He pushed me with all he had. I looked at him, shocked; his crooked smile was stirring up the hatred on his eyes. Then, I looked at his arms which had just pushed me. His right arm which was paralyzed was perfectly fine now.

“Fluera! You lost. We won.” He said it coldly, so cold that the icy points ran through the fabrics of my clothes and ran deep into my skin. It hurt more than when he was gone.
I looked into his eyes, where once love evoked; now the eyes were empty. I looked at geeta, her crooked smile was inducing hatred every time I looked at her. How could he do this to me? How could they do this to me?

Ravin walked towards me. “Don’t wonder my love. I never loved you. Geeta told me the demand for a foreign girl in this brothel was insanely increasing. I first saw you in the bus. The crazy idea hit me that you were the one, perfect for the business. I followed you, knew everything about you and took my first step were cozily when there was a bomb blast. I could have lured you and brought you right here like I usually do every time. But, you were different. I wanted to know you more. I wanted to you to love me. I had to make myself helpless, so that you’d know I needed you every single time. And girl, you are so innocent and stupid and foolish.” He laughed. “You believed whatever I told you. You insisted whatever that was happening between us wasn’t right and requested me to return. Things didn’t turn out to be as easy as I had imagined.” He laughed again. Geeta laughed. They all did.

Geeta continued, “He came home and told me that you were back firing. We couldn’t let go a precious gem from the grip. So I abetted Ravin to give a second try. And this time, he was successful. He could have brought you here a long time ago. But girl, you were so rich! You needed to cure Ravin’s paralyzed rms.” she rolled her eyes at Ravin. He laughed. Geeta laughed. They all did.

Ravin sighed “And did Dil Bahadur tell you that I died?”

Geeta nodded which was followed by her laugh.

“Oh my god! I told him to tell that I had an important work. My brother is so dramatic.”I was baffled. I didn’t understand what was happening. Emotionally, I was abated. My heart had sunk in the deep ocean like the titanic which had crashed in the iceberg.

I stood numb. “How could he do this to me? I loved him.”

Love is a terrible thing that will make you suffer.

I wondered for how long I had been standing here, unable to remember if this was the last day of my battle or the first day of my premature death. My eyes were heavy with tears. My body was stiff. My legs were old. My knees were struggling to hold me. My neurons had stopped working. And I couldn’t figure out what was happening.

In the far distance I heard someone whispering, “It’s working.”

When I opened my eyes, I was in a bed. My dress worn out, my blouse torn and my lipstick smudged. I stood up with an unusual drowsiness.

I saw a man coming inside the room. I couldn’t recognize him; my vision was blur. He pushed me and I fell in bed again.

Time spent. Years passed. World changed but Fluera remained the same. Her pain remained the same.

“One day (not exactly knowing which day)I would fly back to my home, the place where I belong. Till then, I have to struggle, struggle with life; struggle till misery fails to withstand my courage; struggle till misery kneels down and I can jump over it.
Life was harder, harder than death. I was choking inside the four walls of the room. I cried out loud for help with unheard scream; wetting my cheeks for sympathy with unseen tears.

I missed the real Fluera. I missed her smile, her childish laugh, her curiosity to know the world. Everyone here called me “Ful” I don’t remember the last time I was called by my real name. Between “Fluera” and ‘Ful’; there was a tall barbed wire fence.
I wanted to run, run till my lungs burst out, run till my legs fell off, run as far away from this place but something stopped me. The barbed wire fence stopped me. I wanted to weep, howl and kill everyone who slept with me. I hated everyone who called me ‘Ful’. I wanted to stab Ravin at his heart where he faked love for me. But the barbed wire fence stopped me. There was a poisonous barbed wire fence in between the prostitutes and the real world.

We had limited places where we could roam. Everyone shared their triumphs, misery with us but the only thing we were allowed to share was our fake name. We had our own room, own bed but every time with a different owner.

Everyday was the same. Waking up with my head spinning and my eyes heavy with regrets. I tried hard to live but failed every time. Evenings were a nightmare. Every new evening, new biddings and then, new men.

I had a heart. Ravin filled it with love and then broke it into pieces. Now those piece is owned by different men. And they call me prostitute?

“Trust me. Fluera.”

These words by Ravin were echoing hard on my head. I trusted him, I trusted on love. It seemed like it had been such a long time since I loved or thought about love.
Along with the passing days, my worth started decreasing. Prostitution is the only job in which the more you get experienced, the less you get paid.

One day, I was sitting by the window, looking at the world outside which I wasn’t a part of,

“I suppose I deserved it.” I contemplated.

“I should have listened to my day.” I regretted.

“But I loved him so much.” I sighed.

“Fluera” I thought I heard someone me. But Nah! How is that even possible? Nobody knows Fluera.

“Fluera.” I heard it again. I so much missed people calling my real name. I thought I was getting hallucinations but the sound was real.

I turned back to see who was calling me by my real name.



A little hope had sprung when she heard someone calling her name. who would it be? Find out in the Next chapter! the next is the last, I swear this time. LoL



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